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''As a professional athlete, I have had several different types of insoles over the years. I have never had insoles that have provided so much comfort and performance as your insoles. It is amazing how much more stability and power I can produce by simply having these Insoles. In fact, even though I am either in my ski boots or on my feet playing golf a minimum of eight hours per day, my feet have not felt tired or sore. I highly recommend Ergomedic's custom insoles to anyone looking to improve their skills and comfort''

Shelly McGill, Profesional Athlete, Colorado

''For years I have been trying different boot/insoles combinations. Only with Ergomedic custom Insoles have I been able to eliminate toe pinch and have 100% power and control ! ''

Joe Turner, Profesional Athlete, Teton Telemark Owner/Director, Colorado

''I just wanted to enlight how pleased I am with my insoles. Ergomedic has come up with an easy and professional way to put the man of the street in comfort. As a golf professional you know that I'm on my feet all day. I have been using them as I teach and play. They are extremely comfortable and I really feel a difference at the end of the day. I would strongly recommend the Ergomedic insoles to all golfers, at any level.''

Leon Smith, Director of Golf Academy, McGetrick Golf Acedemy, Colorado


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Shelley McGill, Professional Athlete, photographer John F. Keeler
Joe Turner, Professional Athlete


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