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Most Popular Types of Foot Orthotics

We use this in the case of global fatigue of the foot. Given their supfleness the level of correction is quite restraint. We use it more for it's cushioning effect. Not to be used if the client complains of articulator pain or if the patient is very heavy. The materials used have a weak resistance to compression.

This model allies comfort and middle correction. It is the most used model. For people that want a comfortable insole but require a good support.

This model is very rigid. We use this model for cases requiring a lot of control and support of the foot.

This type of insole was conceived for a very firm support. It is recommended for peofle who are obese or to obtain a resistant structure.

This model was specifically conceived for this type of pathology. It's structure was chosen for it's absorption proprieties and it's flexibility. The goal of the mechanical characteristics of this orthotic is to redistribute the pressures which cause lesions.

High Heel
As it's name indicates this orthotic was conceived for a dress shoe. It is small, delicate and easier to insert into most shoes. It's fabrication recommends no heel cup, therefore a heel cup of 0/16.

Terrazzo or Anti-Fatigue
the materials of this orthotic were specially chosen for peofle who work long consecutive hours on vary rigid surfaces. (cement, asphalt, ceramic, etc.). Given it's anti-fatigue proprieties, it assures comfort.

Our runner foot orthotics are made from 4 layers of different materials that support and absorb the stress on the feet. We have design our combinaison not too hard with extra cushionning, nice 1/2 inch or more heelcup (stresses calves/achilles) and, a top cover easy to clean and long enough to avoid toe blisters.

This model was created for alpine skiing amateurs. It combines comfort, support and performance.

This insole is very soft to be able to give more lots of comfort on long walks. It is also equipped with lateral wings to give more control when swinging.

This insole was developed for walking and small hiking expeditions.

This orthotic was developed for fast walking. It is firmer that the walking insole model.

This orthotic was conceived for amateurs of this discipline.

This orthotic was developed for hockey and ice skating.

Racket Sports
This insoles was developed for the practice of racket sports such as tennis, badminton, racquetball and squash. The topcover used (Spenco) diminished the friction due to abrupt starts and stops, therefore diminishes chaffing.

Other Types Available :
Aerobic, Anti-electrostatic, Dance, Cycling, etc….




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Foot orthotics for children
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