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Foot Orthotics
A large amount of people often suffer from foot and knee pains that are usually accompanied with deformations in the lower limbs. Every day activities are oftentimes at the root of their problem. To remedy this situation, we usually turn to foot orthotics , a much cheaper alternative than surgical interventions.

Ergomedic works in collaboration with health specialists in order to find out the kind of orthotics that should be prescribed. The common method of using ink and plaster often has more to do with art than science. However, Ergomedic's technic allows for precise measuring assisted by the help of pressure sensors. This allows evaluation of the biomechanical aspects of our patient's feet.

With the help of a computer and a graphic interface, it is possible to visualize in real time the foot's pressure distribution as well as proceed with two or three dimensional shape analysis by finite elements method calculation. The data gathered can then be sent internally or via internet to our manufacturing site. The manufacturing process of the orthotics is completely computer assisted. A numerically controlled milling machine then creates the orthotics on carefully chosen materials



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