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2D Analysis with Ergomedic
When you wish to take a 2D static measure, without create a complete file for a client, it is possible to access this by clicking on Options \ Demonstration, which permits a demonstration of the distribution of the plantar pressures in full charge. By selecting this function, the software will be ready to do the static acquisition. The static acquisition is done in a standing position, the feet in the normal rotation position of walking and the same width of the shoulders. The knees are slightly bent. The patient looks straight ahead with his arms down by his sides.

Click on the Analyse Icon to see the foot's image. It will take a few seconds before the position stabilises. Click a second time on the same icon to finish the registration. The software automatically calculates the position of the centre of pressure, the position of the geometric centre, the distribution of weight and the front, back and global surface. The displacement of the centre of pressure shows an unbalanced posture. A more in deep exam by a specialist will be necessary to determine the precise cause of the unbalance.

· Store the information in memory for future use
· Print a personalized report of your patient
· Create of a podometric image to establish the exact position of the corrections



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