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Ergomedic Custom-made Seat Cushion
Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture

In spite of a large range of available cushions, patients still often suffer from ischiatic sores and all the relavant medical, economic, social and psychological well know consequences.

A Customized Solution

When people with sores risks are sitting on a computer-aided designed and manufactured customized seat, the interface pressures are obviously lower that those with mass-produced cushions.

A Reliable Prevention

In order to improve the comfort of people in wheelchair, the cutomized seat can also correct partly some unbalanced positions when sitting.

Most patients have noticed a great improvement of comfort and stability.

An Innovative Approach for Sore Prevention
  • Display of pressure points: when taking measurements, the patient must sit in his personal wheelchair. A soft matrix is used to measure and record pressures.
  • Calculation of optimal shape: Ergomedic software takes care of the data treatment obtained when displaying of pressure points and send through Internet the data needed for computer-aided manufacture.
  • Manufacturing by a CNC milling machine: the customized cushion is manufactured with a high accuracy digital milling machine (first stage: bearing material, second stage: surface material)
The SADMERC coding verification has reviewed the Ergomedic cushion and has granted for reimbursement the following Medicare code:
E2609 Custom fabricated wheelchair seat cushion, any size

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