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Two thirds of pressure sores occur in patients older than 70 years. The prevalence rate in nursing homes is estimated to be 17-28%. The cost of that problem was over 15 billions dollars last years in United States.

Among patients who are neurologically impaired, pressure sores occur with an annual incidence of 5-8%, with lifetime risk estimated to be 25-85%. Moreover, pressure sores are listed as the direct cause of death in 7-8% of all paraplegics.

Patients hospitalized with acute illness have an incidence rate of pressure sores of 3-11%.

Disturbingly, even with current medical and surgical therapies, patients who achieve a healed wound have recurrence rates of as high as 90%.

The annual sale of specialty bed and support surfaces for pressure management in the U.S. reached figures a billion in 2001 and is projected to reach more than 3 billions by 2016.

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As part of its development strategy, Ergomedic USA is also seeking and welcoming new Distributors to increase accessibility to its technology and custom made products by central fabrication capabilities.

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